About Rabt

Make better, lasting connections in no time!

We are a Saudi Company, specialized in improving the way to make business and personal connections using NFC and QR Code Technologies. We want to make sure that your clients are compelled to come back to you and nobody loses your contact information. Ever!

What Makes Rabt Digital Special?

nfc icon

NFC Chip

Our cards and mobile covers have built-in NFC chip. You just need to tap your Rabt product on receipient's phone and they will receive all the information you want to share in form of savable contact card.

qr code icon

QR Code

If the other person's phone is not NFC compatible, don't worry. Rabt Cards come with a QR code which can be scanned from any phone.

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iOS & Android

Rabt products are compatible with all mobile phone models which have NFC technology or at least a camera.

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No App Required

There is absolutely no requirement to download any app. Just tap your Rabt Card or mobile cover to the phone and that's all!

custom design icon

Custom Design

Select Rabt Custom Card to customize your card as you would like to see it or select Rabt Black to personalize with name, company and position

digital card icon

Digital Profile

Put as much details as you want to share with your connections. You can include standard contact details, display image, social media links and more!